What A Day!

Wow, Wow, Wow!! This years Multicultural Children’s Book Day was over the top! I have the pleasure of working for two elementary schools who willingly jumped in to celebrate children and authors of diverse cultures. Here are a few pictures from our day and week.

Our upper elementary students listened to an interactive read-aloud with our teacher author: Amrit Lal, and our principal. The lower elementary classes traveled to my room for an interactive reading from the Tay and Mari Series, or stayed in with their teachers for read alouds.

In addition to read alouds, students had opportunity to peruse many multicultural books from specially curated teacher collections, and libraries.

Our gracious librarian at Jack London Elementary read Sumo Joe to visiting classes all week. Friday’s classes at Lonetree had opportunity to listen to Sumo Joe as well. It was a hit at both sites!!

The greatest moments from the day included when teachers connected with their students in ways far deeper than they imagined. Representation and Reflections do matter.

Thank you Multicultural Children’s Book Day for your intentional efforts to assure children see themselves in the literature, and providing so many resources to our teachers!


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