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Tay Goes to Chess Club Book 1

This is the first book in the Tay Series. Meet Tay as he goes to Chess Club.


Tay Goes to the Game Book 2

Tay enjoys a great day at the basketball game with his dad.


Tay and the Hot Day Book 3

It’s too hot to play outside. What will Tay do? Will he play video games? Read to find out Tay’s plan. Special Bonus Feature- How to Draw Tay inside!


Tay Goes to Karate Book 4

Read along with Tay as he goes to Karate!


Tay Goes to the Go Karts Book 5

In this book, Tay has finished his chores and goes on a family outing to ride Go Karts!


Tay Goes to the Zoo Book 6

Newest book in the Tay Series. Tay is goes on a surprise adventure with his famliy for his birthday! Follow along and learn about some zoo animals.


Mari Learns to Read

Meet Mari! She's smart and loves her family. In this bilingual early reader, she learns to read with the help of her family.


Mari Aprende a Leer

Spanish version of Mari Learns to Read