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Tay Goes to Chess Club Book 1

This is the first book in the Tay Series. Meet Tay as he goes to Chess Club.




Tay Goes to the Game Book 2

Tay enjoys a great day at the basketball game with his dad.



Tay and the Hot Day Book 3

It’s too hot to play outside. What will Tay do? Will he play video games? Read to find out Tay’s plan. Special Bonus Feature- How to Draw Tay inside!



Tay Goes to Karate Book 4

Read along with Tay as he goes to Karate!




Tay Goes to the Go Karts Book 5

In this book, Tay has finished his chores and goes on a family outing to ride Go Karts!



Tay Goes to the Zoo Book 6

Newest book in the Tay Series. Tay is goes on a surprise adventure with his famliy for his birthday! Follow along and learn about some zoo animals.