Me On The Page Publishing creates materials, sponsors events and publishes books to support building healthy and strong African American Families. Our vision is simple: to provide and promote what is true, healthy and good in presence and communications.

Having access to literature and experiences that reflect healthy self-imaging for African American children, within our diverse world is critical for their success and development.

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Tay Goes To The Game, a book graciously gifted to me to review by Phelicia Lang, is a wonderful book for budding young readers especially important to young black boys. This instructional reader is a delightful book filled with self esteem boosts and positive self-perceptions with identifiable figures. I love how the book weaves a fun story and wraps it around a strong family image complete with a central father figure.

There are a few elements that are important to know about this book. One important note is this book is purposefully designed for adults to read with children. The reading tips in the beginning of the book make it super easy to help your young reader flourish and have fun beginning their lifelong habit of reading. Another point is the book includes advancing words that will be a little difficult at first for some readers but will serve as an instructional victory for any young reader. I wholeheartedly recommend this Picture book to any young reader!

Demetrius-Black Men Read

On Friday my second graders enjoyed this book. The story is about a little girl named Mari who is struggling to learn to read in English. It is unique in that Spanish words are incorporated throughout the text. This story was very relatable to all of my students, all of whom are in English-Spanish immersion at school and struggling to learn to read, most of whom are learning English as a second language. They definitely felt like they saw themselves on the pages of the book. The story offered opportunities to discuss perseverance. The illustrations are colorful and inviting. I’m excited to include this book in my classroom library.