We Are The Ones

February is here already and it’s time to Celebrate the history of the achievers and pioneers that have/are making our American story great. If we don’t tell Our “stories” then who will?

Me On the Page will highlight one Very Import African American Person every Friday this month. First up is the Beautiful Ms. Michelle Reese!

A showstopper at every occasion! Holla at Davies Symphony Hall

Michelle is currently a fifth-grade teacher in the city of Berkeley, CA.

She’s a native of East Oakland!!!! Shout out right here! She attended Oakland
Public schools for her primary schooling and graduated from Berkeley High
School. She earned her Master’s in Education, and an Administrative Degree from
Saint Mary’s College of CA in Moraga.

The driving force of her entire twenty-two years in teaching Kinder and
third-eighth grades, has been to advocate for ALL children and to assure that
ALL receive an equitable and engaging education. With an appreciation for
diversity, Michelle has taught in Oakland, Antioch, and Berkeley Unified School
Districts. Not only does she advocate for students, she advocates for their
parents and assures not only that their parents voices are heard, but that they
too learn to advocate for their own children.

Michelle works untiringly with a smile on her face to get to the bottom of
issues for families. I had the pleasure of working with Michelle and witnessed
her determined spirit triumph for students as she patiently pursued people,
programs and products to assure their success. Don’ t let the smooth taste fool
you, she’s no pushover and she knows policy, people and protocol.

I am most proud of Michelle for her spirit of excellence, warm demander stance,
and the motivating spirit of love she shares in and out of the classroom. I
have worked with a lot of teachers, educators and school personnel. However, I
must earnestly say Michelle was born to motivate and to teach. To this Queen I must
take a bow!

When Asked Why She Teaches? here’s her answer:

“I teach because I love working with children and I love the art of
teaching! Teaching is one of, if not the most important jobs that one can have.
We influence and encourage students, who have their entire lives ahead of them,
with endless promise and opportunities awaiting”.

She paints across this canvas leaving an imprint. She does the same for her students….

I believe that all children can learn if they have fertile soil in which to grow. It is our job to provide that fertile, nutrient rich soil to ensure that all students thrive and grow to their fullest potential.” Michelle Reece

Photos courtesy of Michelle’s library: Earth Day Protests at Rosa Parks,
Walk Through the Revolution-Revolutionary War re-enactment in which all 5th graders participate.

Michelle Reece is the One We’ve Been Watitng for. This is Her Time.

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