Restoring and Relaunching

Greetings Friends!

It’s been awhile since I gave an update. It feels as if my writing work was under a necessary pause button….. frozen…. since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Like most, my energies and thoughts scaled down considerably to focus on what was essential for survival.

So far, 2020 has been a wild ride, full of unexpected twists, turns, jerks and suspensions in mid-air. But, these unexpected movements brought some necessary shifts in perspective. I won’t say things are back to normal —because we’ve all got new normals, lol. BUT!!!! I think I’ve got a new groove and I’m ready to begin again; My creative vision has been restored, and is sharper than ever. Read along to find out!


Me On the Page envisions publishing books, and materials by diverse authors that reflect and represent children of color in the most positive and healthy way. We will continue to host and participate in events that support creating positive and safe learning environments, where Black and Brown children can thrive.


Me On the Page has deepened its social justice stance in advocating for Black and Brown children in the publishing arena. We will not water down the work or tiptoe around matters that affect their rights to an excellent education. We will continue to offer support to families by coaching them to successfully advocate for the wellbeing of their children. Our time to advocate is now.

Lane Community College Professional Development and Student Read Alouds


Me On the Page’s publishing work is no longer on pause and the presses are rolling! Just as COVID-19 heightened to shelter-in-place, our latest book Mari Dances for the Community Fair was near its launch. This new title underwent many revisions to reflect authentic cultural voices, representations, in order to truthfully depict the reality of our times. The delay was disappointing at first, but a blessing in disguise.

I’m excited to announce, Mari Dances dances for the Community Fair is now available in both print and ebook formats. This book introduces immigration as well as deportation, and was written to help children develop empathy towards others. Children are amazingly more resilient and understanding than we often give them credit for. They have the ability to understand complex situations when explained on their level.

Mari Dances for the Community Fair is truly a great book that is a window used to see into the lives of others… A sliding glass door in which we can step in and out of to imagine and empathize with each other… And a mirror where children can see themselves reflected on the page. (in reference to R. Bishop)

Be Safe and Well Always,


Great moments at Rosa Parks Elementary in March 12, 2020

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  1. Congratulations Phelicia😘🥳❣️
    I admire your culturally rich focus❣️
    My grandson is 4 years old & really enjoys reading the Tay books!!!
    We look forward to adding Mari to our collection!!!
    Blessings & lots of love🖤!!!!

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