Facing the Rising Sun

As we come to a close of 2020’s Black History Month, I am reminded of many things and the picture above reflects some of them. The students facing the rising sun reminds me that the future is bright and full of hope. The broken chains reflect the breaking free of some things, yet the cuff indicates there’s still more work to do. Perhaps the chains remnants are a constant to remember where we’ve come from and to never forget to lift others as we climb; someone is still seeking freedom.

The flag waving between the two scholars stands as a symbol to unite, and to encourage reflection upon the many ancestors who have forged a way for us to be where we are, and where we are destined to go.

At one glance this same image appears to be the shape of a warm lady with wide spread welcoming arms, beckoning seekers to reach even higher. She appears to beam with pride and her dress too, appears to be anchored by the African American Flag.

Photo courtesy West Angeles Church Cogic

The image seems to radiantly remind me of the refrain from the Negro National Anthem: “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing by James Weldon Johnson.

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Grateful for the past……. Facing the rising sun for a new day begun, may we march on till victory is won. For Me On the Page, this means we continue writing, promoting and reflecting what is good so our children see themselves on the page in an affirming and healthy way.

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