Back To School

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It’s Official. 

I have five more days to relax before reporting for a new school year. I’ve enjoyed taking the freedom to create this summer and spending time with family. Whether I was in New Orleans, LA; Columbus OH; or Ann Arbor, Michigan, stories were happening and I took notice and wondered……..How can I connect this to student learning?

Because a great deal of a teachers job depends on relationships with students and their families, it’s not always easy to turn off the planning and preparing needed to cultivate those positive family, and student relationships during the summer. We’re often thinking of linking experiences to student learning. Not just chilling all summer!!

Teachers and parents have this in common too. Parents are always thinking:  How can I connect what my child already knows with this new experience (game, travel, food, book, song…etc.) to help them learn something new? Nows a good time to talk with your child about all of the things they did this summer and how many of those experiences will help them in the new year.

Did they have to use fractions to decide how many pieces of pizza or brownies each person would get? Did they predict what was going to happen next in a new movie they watched? Did they confirm or adjust those predictions? Did they have to use characters skills such as problem solving and perseverance as they were building something or playing a video game?

I’m sure you can see the connection teachers and parents have in common when it comes to student learning. Take some time to laugh and share those fun experiences and how they just might help in the new school year. While you’re reflecting on fun times, save some money by stocking up on school supplies at Walmart and Target.


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