Introducing Tay and Friends Early Science Readers

These books are our best work of heart to date and will be loved by kids young and old. They include tips on how to read nonfiction text including Glossaries, captions, and keywords. Me On the Page has taken what can be considered hard-to-process terms and presented them in a format that can be easily understood by children ages 6-9.

Book 1

Series Readers

are perfect for beginning and early readers because children are familiar with the characters, style, and settings of the books. Having this background knowledge helps them to engage with text and storylines that may even increase in difficulty.

Series readers also help to build students’ confidence because they have mastered reading about the characters previously, and are often eager to jump into reading the new text on their own.

Me On the Page has created this unique science series for students who are transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn. This means students are now focusing less on decoding words and more on reading to find and use information. within the books, they read. This big leap can be challenging, but we’ve made it easier by providing reading tips, and organizing text and pictures in a way that keeps them engaged and motivates them to keep on reading!

You don’t want to miss book one in this five-book series, Tay Goes to STEM Camp. Right now it’s at a great price for only $12.00. Pre-Order yours today! We will begin shipping on National STEM Day, November 8th.

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