June 19, widely known as Juneteenth, is a significant day for African Americans. It is now gaining the recognition that is overdue. On this day in 1865, the slaves in Galveston, Texas were informed that they were indeed free (ish). Even though the proclamation had gone out almost two years before in Washington DC, it was kept from the slaves in Texas.

Beginning on this day and every June 19th afterward, celebrations include dressing up in your very best, speeches and storytellings, patronizing black businesses, barbecues, picnics, and gatherings with the most delicious soul foods.

Juneteenth Flag: Center Star: reflects Texas the Lonestar State and the free slaves in every state; the outer starburst- represents a new beginning for all; the arc reflects fresh opportunities and a promising future for African Americans; and of course, the red, white and blue represent the United States.

Of great importance is the fact that there are always lots of “red” foods, such as watermelon, red velvet cake, and red drinks. The state of Texas made this a statewide holiday in 1980, and it has since become a national federal holiday! Woot, Woot!

I am sure my father would have been happy to know this. Texas was his birthplace and he loved it dearly. My Dad had a way of “bringing” the holidays, and he surely brought this one and shared it with us while we were very young. One way he brought the holidays to life was via his infamous ribs, and how he’d call friends and family to come by to get some.

He was also known for rigging something to make it work. His ribs were slathered in his sauce once they were done, with his saucing brush. This mop/brush was made by ripping up a flour sack towel, wrapping it around a small paintbrush or wooden spoon, and then secured with a rubber band. Yes indeed! Mr. Ross knew how to make things do what they do! I miss his friendliness and hospitality, especially around the holidays.

Sooooo, as you gather and eat those most delicious foods remember that Juneteenth is really about appreciating the things that have held us together: our culture, our stories, our faith, and our love for one another.

Join me at Grace Arms of Grace Bible Fellowship & the City of Antioch’s Community Juneteenth Celebration. I will have books, t-shirts, and much more for sale. This joint venture truly reflects the essence of the holiday by celebrating our faith, culture, stories, and our love.

When: *June 18th 11:30-4:30*

Where: 3415 Oakley Road Antioch, CA 94509

Until my next post!

Be well

Be Kind

Allow yourself to dream even bigger,


*We were scheduled to participate in Hercules Libraries Juneteenth Celebration during this time, but this indoor event was CANCELLED due to COVI-19. We look forward to working with them in the near future.*