assorted gift boxes on red surface

The Greatest Gift

assorted gift boxes on red surface
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If you can stop and ponder for a moment, what will be or what is your Greatest Gift this year?

As I reflect over these last eleven months, it doesn’t take long to come up with an answer. It’s the present. It’s not in a box or a bag with a bow on it. It is this gift of right now. The fact that I’m alive and able to give and receive love is my greatest treasure.

The year Twenty-twenty has been an unpredictable and unprecedented ride full of twists, turns, dips, highs, lows and jerks. But gratefully many of us are still here to tell the stories of how we made it, and what life was like in a global pandemic.

As we begin our countdown to the year 2021, let’s be mindful and grateful for the Greatest Gift of the Present.

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