A Little Love in February

Feb loveFebruary is full of special reasons to celebrate. Me On the page is sharing a few things we love!

First: We love the Little Readers 🙂

Next Up We Love Indy Authors.

I’ve fallen in love with so many books published by Independent Authors. Because their selections are of such high quality, are relevant, and meet the needs of my learners, I now find it hard to purchase titles from the limited mainstream. 

My current love is the book: Brown Boy, Brown Boy, What Can You Be? written by: Ameshia Gabriel Author.

The patterned text follows the familiar book Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin and is a favorite of early readers.  Self esteem pours from the words and the illustrations. I found myself rapping the words and making beats with my grandson! “Brown Boy, Brown Boy What Can you Be? Aaayyyy”

Here’s the link to a few of my favorite children’s books and authors on Good Reads. Books on this list are in my personal library and are liked by my reading students. 

I hope you find the time to share the things you love this February. 

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